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"A Girl Called Eddy"
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"A Girl Called Eddy"
  1. A Girl Called Eddy

Little Bird


A Girl Called Eddy

жанры: singer-songwriter, rock
альбомы: A Girl Called Eddy
рейтинг: ★★★★☆ / 4.3 / 318 просмотров
Just like a little bird
Inside a little cage
Trying to find the strength
To learn to turn the pageJust like a mermaid
I am trapped under the sea
Trying to understand
What life wants me to beHeroes and villains
And old lovers walk by
They tip their hats but
They never answer whyWhy does it always seem to bring me back to this
Searching for home in someone else's gentle kiss
Searching for home in places
Home just don't existHeroes and villains
Old lovers walk by
They tip their hats but
They never answer whySo just like the mermaid
I will swim up to the light
Just like that little bird
It's time for me to fly
Это интересно:A Girl Called Eddy, real name Erin Moran, is an American soul pop singer/songwriter born in Neptune, New Jersey, USA and currently residing in England.She is currently signed to Anti Records. She also made an appearance in 2001 on a promotional CD for the Nissan Altima with the track "Soundtrack of your Life". In 2004, she released an EP titled, Tears All Over Town on Le Grand Magistery, an independent record label. She started singing background vocals and keyboard playing for Francis Dunnery, a singer-songwriter and toured England.In August 2004, she released her first, self-titled album in England, working with Richard Hawley.
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