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"A Girl Called Eddy"
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"A Girl Called Eddy"
  1. A Girl Called Eddy



A Girl Called Eddy

жанры: singer-songwriter, rock, alternative
альбомы: A Girl Called Eddy
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.7 / 738 просмотров
Last night I dreamed
While I was walking that I died looking up
At fancy buildings and skyscrapers
Are real heart breakers
When your time has come and gone
It could've been all yours for a songOf all the things I ever wanted
It was you and love and freedom
But I was a girl haunted, in the blue, undaunted
Just swimming for the shore, wondering what the hurt is forBut tonight I know why I'm here
I don't need to lose you to know
That it's already golden
Tonight I know in my heart
I don't need to die just to see
That it's already golden
It's already goldenSo take the purple and take the black
And take all of the colors of heartache back
And throw them in the sea, and say you love me
Keep the silver, keep the gold
Stay and watch the world get old
Это интересно:A Girl Called Eddy, real name Erin Moran, is an American soul pop singer/songwriter born in Neptune, New Jersey, USA and currently residing in England.She is currently signed to Anti Records. She also made an appearance in 2001 on a promotional CD for the Nissan Altima with the track "Soundtrack of your Life". In 2004, she released an EP titled, Tears All Over Town on Le Grand Magistery, an independent record label. She started singing background vocals and keyboard playing for Francis Dunnery, a singer-songwriter and toured England.In August 2004, she released her first, self-titled album in England, working with Richard Hawley.
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